Learn from some of the world's greatest mentors of our time

STEP 1 - Awareness


Dr. Joe Vitale is a spiritual teacher best known for his appearance in the movie, The Secret, and as the author of The Attractor Factor, and Zero Limits. Once homeless on the streets of Dallas, Joe was always an avid reader. Those that taught him metaphysics and positive thinking led him to begin to use the law of attraction to work his way up.



Lisa Nichols is driven to helping others recognise their own unique genius, encouraging them to trust and follow in her footsteps, so they too can transform their lives from scarcity to abundance. This new mindset empowers us to attract our dreams and goals faster, when we understand the importance and power of belief.



Tony Robbins shares his RPM (Rapid Planning Method) for achieving fast results. To plan the desired direction for your life, Tony wants you to get real clear on three things: “What” is it you really want, because clarity is power; what's your “Why", (why do you desire this result?) and “How” are you going to get there?



Discover your life's destiny - it is hidden within your highest core values. Dr John Demartini gives you the tool for determining your unique gift; that special thing that you are destined to do, have and be. Once brought to the fore and acted upon, this will grant you a happy, fulfilled and potentially prosperous life.

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That’s why we created 12 Private Steps over a decade of research, broke them down and went in-depth with explaining HOW to successfully engage the Law of Attraction in concert with other Universal Laws like the Law of Vibration (also know as the Law of Resonance). These steps are critical and are the definitive deep dive into each of the facets that are often neglected and which can’t be covered in a single magazine article. If success has eluded you to date, we almost guarantee one or more of these critical steps have been overlooked. The steps are specifically for people who are committed to adopting these principles as part of their life.

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"When I began your 12 steps I was skeptical, but also desperate. More than anything, I wanted to save my marriage and had almost given up hope. I decided to give it my best shot and it worked. The steps have been a challenge and hard at times, but it's been worth it. Thank you from a very grateful, relieved husband and father. Jess and I are now planning our second honeymoon and I love and appreciate her more than ever. Regards Trevor."
Trev & Jess
New Beginning
"This magazine is Awesome! A beautiful, inspirational publication that finally delivers the much awaited instructions on HOW to apply the Law of Attraction to achieve our dreams - beyond "The Secret". Thank you so very much. What an amazing Life Changer!"
Top Mag!
"After reading 'The Secret', I was left with a hunger to find more information regarding the ever so controversial "law of attraction". There is so much information out there to filter through, it's easy for one to get lost and frustrated. This magazine serves as the 'to be continued..' of all time for me. I trust the information, especially due to the fact that many of the insights come directly from featured speakers and authorities from the film/book. You can't go wrong with Magnifique!"


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