Mark & Phil Gungor

Download Issue We have exciting news. This issue of Magnifique Magazine features the hilariously funny and candid Mark and Phil Gungor. Is your relationship in need of some zing and inspiration? Want to be healthier, live longer, enjoy life and have a fulfilling marriage? Then look no further! Unlike many traditional marriage seminars, Mark Gungor,... Continue Reading →

Angel Chernoff

Download Issue Angel Chernoff is one-half of the globally popular, dynamic duo, Marc and Angel Chernoff. Angel shares on the importance of ‘mindfulness’, of taking each moment, appreciating it and living it to the fullest, instead of being distracted by all of life’s goings on. Marc and Angel help individuals find lasting happiness, success, love... Continue Reading →

Jack Canfield

Download Issue Jack Canfield, a personal development expert, asks the question, "Do you want a break-through to success?", because he says anyone can be successful by following certain principles and using specific tools that can really change your life. Jack shares three principles, which if followed, will help you on your way to being a... Continue Reading →

Gregg Braden

Download Issue Gregg Braden: “Though the details were still emerging, the gist of the story was clear. Armed terrorists had killed 58 foreign tourists and four Egyptians in a particularly savage attack at the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a popular archaeological site near the city of Luxor. My group was scheduled to leave for our... Continue Reading →

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